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Towing & Recovery

MCA Service List

Roadside Assistance, Travel Assistance, Trip Planning, Arrest Bond, $25,000 Bail Bond, $2,000 For Attorney Fees, $1,000 For Attorney Fees, $5,000 Stolen Vehicle Reward, $1,000 Credit Card Protection, $500 Farm Protection, Free Well Card Health Program, Emergency Coverage,  $500 Emergency Cash, Hospital Benefits, Accidental Death Benefits, Accidental Death Coverage, Travel Protection.

Travel Assistance

If members have an auto accident, MCA pays for a rental car for up to $500 and not exceeding seven days. For

accidents occurring more than 50 miles away from home, membership provides $500 in travel assistance for

meals, lodging or transportation home.

Roadside Services

Members receive emergency roadside assistance. If you

have a flat tire, lock your keys in your car, have a dead

battery or break down on the road — call MCA 24 hours

a day and we will handle the situation. 

Trip Planning

MCA provides planning and travel reservations for members, plus our experts save you time and money. We

schedule trips, provide detailed routings and maps, book airline reservations and offer hotel discounts.

Arrest Bond

If members are stopped for a moving violation and charged, we provide a $500 cash appearance bond for you.


MCA membership cards are accepted as a cash

appearance bond when involved in traffic violations.

Travel Protection

Members have access to a worldwide travel assistance program. If you are 100 miles or more away from home and

have any kind of medical emergency, MCA will help with:


– Medical Consultation

– Care for Minors

– Prescription Assistance

– Medical Repatriation

– Return of Mortal Remains

– Emergency Evacuation

– Hospital Admission Guarantee

– Legal Referrals

– Medical Evaluation

– Plus Much More

$25,000 Bail Bonds

MCA will pay the fee for a $25,000 bail bond if a

member is charged with a covered criminal violation

resulting from a traffic accident, including vehicular

manslaughter and negligent homicide. 

Need a Tow? Call Us: